Top Apps in China — September Edition

Most popular apps in China
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Trustdata has released insightful data on the top 200 apps in China. Where do you think Google and Facebook come in? How do they stack up against Chinese social media platforms like WeChat, DouYin (Tik Tok), Baidu, and Weibo?

If you’re familiar with the app landscape in China, you may not find the top 10 too surprising. However, other apps that have crept in further down the list are a little unexpected.

Top apps in China

Unfamiliar with any of the Chinese social media or marketing related apps? Learn more here.

It won’t come as a shock to many that WeChat takes first place. With over 1 billion active users each month, it has long been a dominant force in the app market. Likewise, the most popular Chinese social media and search tools, payment systems, and marketplaces round out the rest of the top 10.

Top 10 apps in China — Breakdown

PositionNameCategoryMAU (million)Change
1WeChatMedia / Social1016-0.02%
2QQMedia / Social 715 -0.21%
3AliPayFinTech699 1.34%
4TaoBaoMobile Ecommerce666 0.29%
5DouYinMedia / Video365 -5.47%
6BaiduMedia / Tool308 -2.91%
7PinDuoDuoMobile Ecommerce253 6.30%
8WeiboMedia / Micro blog253 0.28%
9AiQiyiVideo244 -16.52%
10ToutiaoMedia / News232 -3.60%

The biggest change within the social media and marketing segment is DouYin (Tik Tok), down almost 5.5% in monthly active users.

For international marketers, a frequent question is whether familiar giants such as Facebook and Google are relevant in China. What might come as a surprise is that Google has around 13.9 million users in China, and Facebook has 13.4 million. Not shabby numbers, considering that access is restricted.

However, on the list of top apps in China, Google only ranks as #121, Facebook as #126 and Facebook Messenger as #186. Compared to China’s top apps, these international giants are far from the right tools for marketers looking to reach their Chinese audiences.

Chinese social media and marketing apps — Key takeaways

If you want to market your business and establish a presence selling products or services in China, the best way is to advertise on the platforms people are using. This list is a breakdown of the very best options available to you within China.

Social media, video, content, and search represent huge opportunities to get in front of your target market and capture their attention.

While a lot of the fundamental marketing principles hold true in both the East and the West, there are subtle differences and optimizations that separate successful Chinese marketing campaigns from those which fail to get traction. Bookmark this site to learn more about the landscape and doing business in China.

Want to use the top apps in China to grow your business?

Navigating the language, cultural norm, and interface differences is a hurdle for many businesses. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Marketing through five of the six social media platforms in the top 10 is provided through the Platform. The sixth, Weibo, is provided via our sister company GoDigitalChina.

If you’re interested in learning more about using these platforms to establish and grow your business’ presence in China, you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to ask any questions in the chatbox, learn more about digital marketing in China, or contact us for a quick demo of our services.

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