Top 6 WeChat campaign examples to inspire your strategy

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When we talk about popular apps in China, WeChat is still one of the first names that come to mind. The app currently holds the position of the 5th most popular app in the world based on MAU, making WeChat campaigns popular amongst the top brands.

Every big brand name worth their salt is using WeChat ads to grow their audience and engage a loyal following. If you are new to the China market, WeChat could be a great place to begin.

We’ve put together a list of 6 best WeChat campaign examples for you to take inspiration from:

Burberry “Pocket Bag” WeChat Campaign

Industry: Luxury
Brand: Burberry

Burberry is seen as a luxury brand that has nailed its China digital strategy. The brand’s WeChat content is heavily tailored to China’s audience. 

Burberry Pocket Bag Campaign
Source: Jing Daily

To promote its Spring 2020 Pocket Bag, the brand roped in actress Zhou Dongyu and shared vertical mobile-friendly campaign videos on WeChat.  Besides WeChat, the brand also ran this campaign on Weibo and Little Red Book platforms. The campaign messaging was tweaked based on what is vital for each platforms’ core userbase. This helped the campaign shine on each of these platforms and receive a positive response from consumers.

Takeaway: Tailor your campaign based on the digital platform

Coca Cola’s “Chinese Font” campaign

Industry: Beverage
Brand: Coca Cola

Coca Cola Chinese Font WeChat Campaign
Source: Jing Daily

To celebrate their 134th anniversary, Coca Cola released a new Chinese font titled  “Care”.  The whole font package consisting of 6,769 Chinese characters and 976 symbols is available to download for free.

The brand also rolled out an engraving service via its Tmall Global store allowing customers to order custom engravings for their bottles.

Overall, the WeChat campaign generated over 100,000 views for the brand. Customers appreciated the brand’s effort to localize as well as their dedication to the China market that spans several decades.

Takeaway: Meaningful localization wins hearts

Prada’s Mathematics of Love campaign

Industry: Retail
Brand: Prada


Titled “Mathematics of Love,” Prada’s latest WeChat campaign explores love in the post-pandemic era. The campaign starred Prada’s brand ambassador Cai Xunkun and consisted of a series of short videos on WeChat,  Weibo, and Douyin. Promoting a special selection of products dedicated to 520 Day, the campaign led people to a WeChat pop-up shop.

Prada also rolled out a filter to increase social engagement that allows them to personalize posters with the Prada logo. The campaign saw impressive results with their hashtag “Embracing New Norm” used 410 million times by May 2020 giving it a good social boost.

Takeaway: Use innovative social engagement options to boost your campaigns

BMW’s WeChat launch

Industry: Auto
Brand: BMW

Source: Media In Canada

BMW Canada recently joined the ranks of luxury automakers on WeChat. WeChat currently has 750,000 Canadians among its 1.1 billion monthly active users. About 63% of them are male. The brand is planning to create a consistent presence on WeChat, sharing product launches, sales, info on BMW technology and more.

Additionally, the brand generated exceptionally high engagement and social sharing in its initial test campaigns and is hoping to continue with the same results in the coming months.

Takeaway: Create test campaigns before your launch

Van Cleef & Arpels Frivole collection launch

Industry: Jewelry
Brand: Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef Arpels WeChat Ad

Van Cleef & Arpels has always been great at creating interactive and creative content on WeChat. Their latest campaign launched their flora and fauna inspired Frivole collection. By using interactive elements within their ads, they created an engaging campaign.

In addition, their WeChat ad campaign featured flowers floating in the wind revealing their delicate line of jewellery.

Takeaway: Create interactive ads that grab attention

McDonald’s Spring Festival campaign

Industry: F & B
Brand: McDonald’s

McDonalds Spring Festival Campaign
Source: ChatChat

For it’s Spring Festival campaign, McDonald’s created a Moments ad that featured an interactive video. The ad guides users to trace a bucket on the screen to invite good luck. Each burger name was also integrated with words that mean “blessings” that appear on the screen.

As a result, McDonald’s managed to attract 190 million brand impressions with this ad making the campaign a huge success. 

Takeaway: Use festive occasions to give your campaigns a booth


While producing top-quality content is important, brands also need to invest in advertising to ensure their content gets seen. Creating interactive ad campaigns that engage users can you help your brand increase brand awareness as well as generate sales. We hope these WeChat campaign examples inspire you to get started with your next campaign.

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