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How to reach business owners in China who can become your future customers?

Reach Chinese consumers who are
interested in the product you sell

Before deciding on a travel destination, people actively search online, exploring different options that meet their interests and expectations. How to reach these people during their search, and influence their final decision?

With’s granular targeting options, you can target Chinese travellers who have already shown strong interest in your destination, or the type of experience your destination has to offer.

Communicate with Chinese tourists before they arrive.

With, you can set up in-feed ads in Baidu app and Baidu Tieba (Forum) app in just a few steps, with our full-English platform designed specifically for international users.

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Reach them at right place, right time.

Whether you need to reach  a very specific audience, or find your true fans in China,’s granular targeting options enables you to speak directly to your future customers, and even learn more about their interests and behaviours.

Learn more about your Chinese tourists.

You need to know where your ads perform the best, and which audience are most engaged. Use’s advanced reporting dashboard to create your best advertising strategy in China. for B2B

The advertising platform you need to get more Chinese users

Find out how can help you get more app downloads from Chinese market, and save you time and money.

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