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What is ByteDance?

  • The company behind TikTok
  • 2nd biggest player in Chinese digital advertising landscape
  • Renowned for creating addictive media with its power AI
  • Famous for short video apps, led by Douyin, and news app Toutiao


China's no.1 short video app (15-60 seconds)

400 million DAU

20 billion daily views

Xigua Video

3-5 minutes video app

50 million DAU

3 billion daily views

Huoshan Video

15 seconds video app

50 million DAU

2 billion daily views


The No.1 news app in China

220 million DAU

76 minutes daily viewed

Why advertise on ByteDance's video apps?


  • China's no.1 short video app
  • 15-60 second video
  • 400 million daily active user
  • 20 billion daily views
  • Chinese version of TikTok

1. Incredibly Loyal and Engaged Audience

Douyin’s active user rate is 64%, highest of all video apps. Users spend on average 20.5 hours per month on the app, twice the time spent on Weibo.

2. More Data, More Accurate Targeting

96% of Douyin users like a video, 93% comment on a video, and 51% share videos frequently. These engagements provide more data on each user’s interest, making it more accurate to target in advertising campaigns. 

3. From Awareness Directly to Action

With engaging content and powerful algorithm, Douyin creates a unique customer journey to take audience directly from awareness to action.


  • China's no.3 short video app
  • 3-5 minutes video
  • 50 million daily active user
  • 3billion daily views

1. Video Ads Charged After 5s' Play​

Xigua Video maximises the value for advertisers by charging only after a video ad is played for 5 second, ensuring the quality of every video ad view.

2. Young Audience with Purchasing Power

80% of Xigua Video’s users are between 18-30 and from tier 1 and tier 2 cities, making it an ideal channel for advertisers who want to reach the young generation in China.

3. Highest Ad Penetration Rate

Xigua Video has the highest ad penetration rate among all short video apps, which means 56% of its active users are exposed to ads on the app.


  • China's no.4 short video app
  • 15 seconds video
  • 50 million daily active user
  • 2 billion daily views

1. Niche Audience of tier 3 & 4 city population

Huoshan Video’s audience is mainly from tier 3 and tier 4 cities in China, with 70% of the users aged between 18-35, and 60% male users. This opens up a unique market for brands to target. 

2. Large User Base & High User Stickiness

Users open Huoshan Video on average 184 times per week, making it a highly sticky media channel.

3. Powerful Interest-Based Targeting

Xigua Video has the highest ad penetration rate among all short video apps, which means 56% of its active users are exposed to ads on the app. makes it easy to run ByteDance ads.

Easy Setup. Granular Targeting. Advanced Reporting.

Reach future customers with engaging short videos.

With, you can easily set up short video ads and banner ads in Douyin, Xigua, and Huoshan. Follow the quick tour to upload your ads in just a few steps, with our full-English platform designed specifically for international users.

Build awareness of your brand and start selling, today.

Powerful targeting options.

The powerful algorithm of ByteDance makes Douyin, Xigua, Huoshan very addictive media to users, and also extremely effective channels for advertisers.

With’s granular targeting options, you can reach very specific audience groups, based on their interests and behaviours using ByteDance ads.

Measure the impact with realtime data.

AdChina’io’s advanced reporting dashboard allows you to create detailed reporting and compare your campaign performance across different channels. Find the most effective channel for your brand, and scale your ByteDance advertising campaigns.

Reach your future customers on ByteDance

Are you one of these industries? can help you reach your customers on ByteDance channels.

  • Agency
  • Tourism
  • App
  • Education
  • Health
  • Creative
  • Event
  • Beauty
  • Logistics
  • Video games
  • Retail
  • Consulting
  • Real estate
  • Technology
  • B2B
  • Food
  • Software
  • Automotive
  • Immigration
  • Importing

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