Why it's a Great Time to Establish Your Presence in China

Establish presence in China

As you may remember from a few days ago, an eMarketer study discovered that China accounts for over 15% of worldwide ad spend, and ad spend per person is growing at double the rate of the US.

But why do you want to establish your brand or organization in China?

  • Is it to get into a huge market that continues to grow?
  • Is it the shifting economy, with increasing demand for consumer goods and services?
  • Are your primary markets slowing down while China powers forward?
  • Have Chinese brands taken market share in your markets?
  • Maybe you’re already in China for one (or more) of these reasons!

These trends make China more and more appealing to Western brands.

Whatever your reason, there’s one fundamental truth when it comes to business — timing is everything.

Organizations across a wide variety of industries are shifting their focus to China. Often, leaders notice competitors getting results. Others simply spot the opportunity and want to get established first. In 12 months’ time, this growth will turn into a stampede.

Taking action before it becomes a mad rush offers you an advantage because potential customers become aware of you. Developing a rapport with consumers before the latecomers arrive is key to thriving in the Chinese market.

As competition heats up in China it will get progressively more difficult.

If you’d like to take action and get in before the competition gets really crazy, let us know. Click the button to find out how you can get established in China fast and effectively.

How are we so sure competition is going to ramp up fiercely?

An eMarketer study from January 2019 found that 70% of paid media ad spend goes into digital advertising. Digital ad spend is projected to increase from $94.5B to over $134B by 2023. That’s a whole lot of growth!

The most compelling reason for China right now, is your ability to get ahead of the impending rush. Taking advantage of the window before the market becomes flooded helps you to establish a foothold, following, and presence.

If you’re familiar, you have an advantage.

If you’d like to get into China sooner rather than later let us know a little about your brand, because every industry experiences success on different channels and with different advertising approaches.

Keep an eye on your inbox — in a few days time you’ll learn about censorship and cultural considerations you need to know about China.

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