Digital advertising in China made easy for everyone

Ad creation, ad placement, scheduling, budgeting, reporting, and cross-channel analytics – All in one platform. Platform for digital advertising in China


The all-in-one advertising platform for China.

You can set up, monitor, and optimise campaigns, across top Chinese media channels, 
all through an English dashboard designed for international users.

Take control of your digital advertising in China today.

One platform, top nine channels

Advertise across the largest media channels in China all from one platform. Your team can create, launch and compare campaigns across different channels from one place, so you’ll get better reports, faster optimisation, and higher return on investment. 

By advertising only on these selected top channels, you avoid wasting your ad budget on low quality ad placements.

Reach your customers with extreme targeting

Whether you are looking for football fans, mothers with newborns, or construction engineers, you’ll find them here. 

Want to connect with tourists? Target Chinese consumers who are interested in travel abroad to your part of the world.

Game or app designer? How about targeting gamers who play exactly your genre?

Take control with real time reporting pulls data directly from channels every 30 second, so you can always see what is going on with your digital advertising in China. 

In audience report, you can also check which location, age and gender groups your customers are from, and use these insights for future campaigns targeting.

Pay less fees, get more customers.​

Thanks to’s automation of processes and simplification of both setup, execution, optimisation and reporting of campaigns, we’ve managed push down the necessary fees. As a result you’ll have more to spend on media buying, and higher media spend goes hand in hand with higher revenue.

Drive growth & avoid waste by

Starting small, scaling big

Test your ads and audiences with smaller segments. Find what works and scale it to hundreds of thousands of consumers.

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