What NOT to do when advertising in China

Different practices can help (or hurt) your ads’ chance of success.

Our purpose is to help you avoid those pitfalls and get results that grow your organization in the Chinese market.

You already know the traps for those trying to do it solo — language faux pas, cultural missteps, trouble aggregating the data, not knowing which content works best on particular platforms…

But this doesn’t mean all China advertising agencies are created equal.

Many agencies operating in this space:

  • Do not deeply understand the nuances between each channel
  • Do not have experience across a wide range of industries
  • Lack of tools to clearly report on the results you’re getting
  • Do not have the experience to identify, diagnose, and fix potential issues
  • Do not have a cross-culture team that fully understands how to communicate in a culturally appropriate way
After all, if you used the exact same ad across Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you’d probably have a bad time. People are using those channels for different purposes, it’s essential to engage them in the right way. The same principles is true in China.


Also true, is that many agencies do not show the clear data on results. If it’s presented at all, it’s often obfuscated to keep you in the dark. While we do not (and cannot) promise results as advertising is inherently unpredictable, you always get a clear picture of performance. If an ad misses the mark, how can you expect to improve if you don’t know? If an ad gets positive results, I’m sure you’d want to know that too! 

AdChina.io was created to overcome the weaknesses in this space and deliver the best value service. Your results are and will always be entirely transparent.

If you’d like to avoid the common pitfalls associated with advertising in China and kick things off to a positive start, click here to get in touch. Or you can use the Book a demo button for a special look at the platform.

As always, if you’re not ready yet that’s okay. I wish you a great rest of your week!

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