How to succeed in China

how to advertise your business in china

Advertising your business in China can be clunky, frustrating, and riddled with regulation and verification challenges.

Not only that, advertising to a different culture in a foreign language means a greater chance for errors.

That’s on top of your regular marketing challenges — maintaining returns by generating leads and sales.

So how do you advertise successfully in China?


How to advertise your business in China

You use a combination of:

  • The most effective platforms/channels for getting in control and reaching your audience
  • Competent experts on the ground who can review and optimize your ad for results
  • Local contacts who can ensure your ad meets quality requirements, and catch any errors
  • Local contacts who know how to get you up, running, and verified fast and successfully
  • A reporting and metrics dashboard that provides empowering feedback about the performance of your ads


If you’re curious what that looks like be sure to take a quick demo of the platform.

You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the platform which allows you to manage all your China advertising channels and campaigns in one place.

So what does the success combination look like in practice?

At the core are the following elements?

  • Using the right channels — Certain industries are better suited to certain channels than others. There are also advertising channels that are simply too small to be worthwhile — and a higher chance of click-fraud.
  • Having a competent team with intimate knowledge of China who can advise, review, optimize, and QA your advertisements.
  • A custom-built platform that displays your data in a clean, simple way to show you what’s working. was created to help you feel confident, empowered, and in control when it comes to advertising your business in China. We work with the top-tier of most legitimate channels so you feel safe not being cheated. Channels such as WeChatByteDanceBaidu, and Tencent.

If you would like to find out how to advertise your business in China, click here to let us know a little about what you do. With that, we can properly advise around the best strategies and approaches.

If you’re not ready, that’s okay too — we’re here when you’re ready.

Just be sure to watch your email inbox to find out what NOT to do if you want to succeed in China in a few days time.

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