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Unlock your profits in China.
The most important market in the world.


Of global urban consumption growth to come from China.
-McKinsy 2016


China ranked as the most attractive market in the world for the 6th year in a row.
-MSU 2019

$11.7 Billion

Size of the Chinese 2018 Cross-border eCommerce Market
-CGTN 2019

Our advertising partners

WeChat Advertising

WeChat Advertising

QQ advertising

QQ Advertising

Tencent News Advertising

Tencent News Advertising

Baidu Advertising

Baidu News Advertising

Tencent Video Advertising

Tencent Video Advertising

TouTiao Advertising

TouTiao Advertising

Yet digital marketing in China is extremely challenging.

Facebook and google are blocked in China

International Tools
are Blocked

When marketing in China, Facebook, Google, Twitter and other tools familiar to international companies don't work.

Digital marketing in China is fragmented

Chinese Internet is Isolated & Social Media is Fragmented

Social Media Marketing in China is unfamiliar to most international marketers and global access is significantly slowed.

High starting cost for the Chinese market

High Starting Cost &

With 1 Billion social media users, and layers of costly agents, advertising in China has been difficult and costly, with limited results.

Chinese digital marketing is ever changing

Ever-changing & Complex Ecosystem

Inconsistent & heavy regulations that change frequently, coupled with strict advertising limitations results in a very complex environment.

Data flow from digital marketing in China is slow

Lack of
Data Flow

China Digital Marketing Channels are isolated due to fierce competition between them, causing poor data flow and challenging campaign optimisation.

Chinese language and culture is a barrier for entering the market

Language & Culture

Scarce knowledge and competency internationally leaves many global companies wondering how to advertise in China.

AdChina.io is the tool you need to succeed in the era of China

Easy Setup. Extensive Reach. Advanced Reporting.

Digital Marketing in China You can Trust

Once upon a time you had to trust agencies blindly with your marketing in china. Now anyone on your team can monitor, optimise and even setup Chinese advertising campaigns – on Multiple Channels.

AdChina.io dashboards digital advertising to China

Increased Return On Investment

Increase ROI by cutting layers of media agencies, reducing cost & increasing % of budget spent on media buying
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One Platform, Multiple Channels

Run campaigns and compare performance data from multiple channels, all from one dashboard.
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Target exactly who you want by qualifying audiences at a level superior to western advertising channels
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Test New Channels Easily

Affordable and easy to test new channels. Start small, figure out what works, and then scale your social media marketing in china.
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Reach 1 Billion Consumers

Whether a niche or the masses, our wide customer reach enables you to grow your sales, brand awareness and traffic.
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Gain Insights

Learn about your audience with demographic data, and fine-tune your strategy based on interests and behaviours for maximum ROI.
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digital marketing channels in China

Multiple Channels, One Platform

Advertise on WeChat, Baidu, Tencent platforms, and many more all from one dashboard. Find the right combinations of channels to reach your audience.

Granular Targeting

Reduce wasted ad spend by targeting precisely at your audience segment, based on their location, age, gender, education, interests and behaviour info.

AdChina.io Chinese Marketing Target Segment Screenshot

Transparent Results, Valuable Insights

Optimise your spending faster with advanced reporting dashboard. Fine-tune your strategy based on performance of channels, placements, and audiences.

Easy Campaign Setup

Create your ad campaigns in just a few clicks in our easy-to-use English dashboard. For those who need help with Chinese ad copy, our team is always available.

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