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Drive online and in-store sales and grow your revenue in China. makes it easy for retail and e-commerce businesses to advertise in China, build up brand awareness, drive sales revenues, gain customers and followers for your brand in China.

Massive opportunities in China's retail market.

trillion dollars

overall retail sales

billion dollars

e-commerce sales

billion dollars

cross border e-commerce sales

Top e-commerce & retail categories
in China.

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Mother & Baby




Home appliance


It can be very challenging for international retail brands to get customers in China.

No point of sale in China

You are unsure where and how to set up your first POS in China. Because the market works in a very different way from rest of the world.

Highly competitive market

The size of the Chinese retail market means extremely high competition. How can your brand stand out from all the domestic and international competitors?

Lack of brand awareness

Your brand is completely new to Chinese consumers. It's difficult to get sales without brand awareness, a follower base, or real customer reviews.

Introduce the easiest way to grow your sales revenue in China.

Easy Setup. Keyword Targeting. Advanced Reporting.

Build an effective customer journey in China.

Whether that’s Tmall, WeChat Store, Xiaohongshu, or others. It’s important to pick the right channel to reach your target customers in China.

Establish your presence on top social channels, and start building your brand awareness in China with advertising and content marketing. 

With the right channel and marketing strategy, you will be able to reach just the right audience, and see sales flowing in to your store.

They will become your loyal advocator, and spread the words about your brand all over social media, deliver the best word-of-marketing for your brand.

Get your brand in front of the right customers.

With’s powerful targeting options for consumer brands, you are able to target just the right audience, whether for fashion, cosmetics, electronic, etc. Get your brand in front of these potential customers and see the sales flowing in.

Create an account in to check the size of your target audience in China.

Multiply your marketing efforts in China.

Through, you can easily create ad campaigns on top 15 Chinese media channels, all in one place, saving you hundreds of hours and thousands worth of manpower. Test different channels efficiently to find out which are the best for reaching your customers in China.

Compare campaign results across channels

You need to know how your targeting audience are reacting to your ad campaigns in China. With, you are able to see real-time results of all your ad campaigns across different channels, all the one dashboard, in English. 

Start driving online or in-store sales in China today

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