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Advertising on Tencent Video has never been easier. Set up your first Tencent Video ad with, the all-in-one advertising platform for China, and bring your app to the right people, today.



Best tool to advertise on China's top video platform

As a top video platform in China, Tencent Video’s abundant show library and its connection with WeChat makes it both an extremely engaging platform for users and an incredibly attractive channels for advertisers. However, advertising on Tencent Video can be very challenging for international marketers, due to its complex setting up process and Chinese user interface. makes it easy for your brand to advertise on Tencent Video, and achieve your marketing goals in China at ease. 

Massive user base

million monthly active users

Largest YoY growth

% YoY member growth rate

High monthly usage

billion hours monthly usage

Introduce to advertise on Tencent Video

Easy Setup. Granular Targeting. Advanced Reporting.

Achieve your advertising goals with Tencent Video.

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Promote a product or service
  • Promote an online or physical store
  • Promote an event or exhibition
  • Promote an app or software
  • Promote education programmes
  • Attract more tourists

Create Tencent Video ads in just a few steps.

Tap into the world’s largest app market has never been easier. With you can set up a Tencent Video campaign in just a few minutes. 

Reach your app users on Tencent Video.

With AdChina’s granular and advanced targeting options for Tencent Video, you can target accurately at the right potential users for your apps and games.

Advertise in China on the platform

See the performance of Tencent Video ads.

Click into the reporting dashboard to track your campaign performance in real time. Use the learnings to optimise your ads for higher ROI.

Comparison of different ways to advertise on Tencent Video

Use Tencent ad platform Use Use an agency
Price Campaign cost Campaign cost + Transparent & fixed platform cost (Start from free plan) Campaign cost + High agency cost
Best for For teams who:
✔ have Chinese marketing skills and Chinese language skills
✔ would like to handle advertising by themselves
For teams who:
✔ don’t have Chinese market skills and Chinese language skills
✔ have either a small or large budget
✔ would like to handle advertising by themselves
✔ would like advertising to be handled for them with full transparency
For teams who:
✔ would like advertising to be handled for them
✔ have a large budget
✔ not sensitive to cost-efficiency
Campaign setup & management Complex Chinese user interface You can set up campaigns yourself Easy to use English user interface
You can set up campaigns yourself
We can handle for you, with full transparency in the platform
Agency handles for you with low transparency & no control
Campaign reporting Chinese reports only
English reports
Translated reports
Not realtime
No transparency
Support Only available for customers with large ad spending Dedicated Customer Success Rep to answer your questions within 12h Depend on the Account Manager
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  • China's top online video platform
  • 590 million monthly active user
  • 26% YoY member growth rate
  • 4.27 billion hours spent monthly

Start advertising on Tencent Video now

If you already have a Tencent ad account, you can connect them to, and start advertising on Tencent Video right away, for free!

New to Tencent Video advertising? No need to worry 🙂 You can easily get everything you need set up in, at a transparent and fixed price.

✓ Tencent ad account (required)
✓ Tencent Video campaign management (optional)

Some of the customers trusting

Reach your customers on Tencent Video today

Get started to see for yourself why both Enterprise and SME customers trust to bring their brands to Chinese Consumers.

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