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Advertising on Toutiao has never been easier. Set up your first Toutiao ad with, the all-in-one advertising platform for China, and bring your brand to the right people, today.

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Why you should advertise on Toutiao.

No.1 news app in China

million registered users

Massive user base

million monthly active users

World's most addictive media

minutes spent per day

What do you need to know about Toutiao ads?

Lives in an AI-powered news feed

Built with machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, Toutiao is renowned for its highly personalised and addictive news aggregation. The news feed keeps users so interested, opening the app on average 9 times a day. Thanks to this feature, large impression of ads are guaranteed.

Seen by the most interested people

With a large user base and heavy user engagement, Toutiao collected massive data around users’ interests and behaviour. This means that your ads on Toutiao are shown only to the most relevant and interested users.

Better exposure, more likely to engage

Toutiao ads are shown to users just like pieces of news, blended in well with other organic content. As the app proudly claims, “no one likes to read ads, but they like reading interesting content, and sometimes, the content happens to be an ad”. makes it easy to run Toutiao ads.

Easy Setup. Granular Targeting. Advanced Reporting.

Reach most engaged audience in few steps.

With, you can set up Toutiao ads in only a few steps, monitor your campaigns, and measure the results, all within our full-English platform designed specifically for international users.

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Engage your future customers here.

Whether you need to reach a very specific audience, or learn more about your future customers’ interests and behaviour,’s granular targeting options enables you speak directly to the right people, at the right time.

Measure your success with powerful data.

Do you know which audience group responds the most to your ads, or which ad placement drives the highest impact? Use’s advanced reporting dashboard to gather learnings, and make the best use of your advertising budget in China.

Advertise in China on the platform

Reach your future customers on Toutiao

Are you one of these industries? can help you reach your customers with Toutiao advertising.

  • Agency
  • Tourism
  • App
  • Education
  • Health
  • Creative
  • Event
  • Beauty
  • Logistics
  • Video games
  • Retail
  • Consulting
  • Real estate
  • Technology
  • B2B
  • Food
  • Software
  • Automotive
  • Immigration
  • Importing

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